Jackie’s adventures in AU/NZ in the early 2000’s:

John Bonds 2009 note on NYYC Cruise Rac on his J40Bonds_NYYC_Cruise2009

Read about a Caribbean Cruise in a J40 by Jane Babbitt: We Took the Kids

From the J40 Newsletter-PIPEDREAM TransAtlantic: PIPE DREAM 1993

Scenes from Mal de Mer III: Mal de Mer III

Circumnavigating Cape Cod on a J40: circumnav_CapeCod

Mal de Mer III Cruise from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back:

– Intro: Mal de Mer III Cruise Intro

– Part I.: Mal de Mer III Cruise Part 1

– Part II.: Mal de Mer III Cruise San Francisco Bay Part2

– Part III.: Mal de Mer III Cruise San Francisco and Home Part3

Mal de Mer III 2006-2007 adventures in Mexico

– Intro: Mal de Mer III adventures in MX Intro

– Down to Baja: Down to Baha

– Mazatlan: Mazatlan

– Mazatlan to Banderas Bay: Mazatlan According to the First Mate

– Mexico Horticultural Thoughts: Some Horticultural Thoughts

– Banderas Bay to Barra de Navidad: Banderas Bay to Barra de Navidad

– Barra de Navidad back to Banderas Bay: Barra de Navidad to Banderas Bay

– Banderas Bay to Carnaval at Mazatlan’: Banderas Bay to Carnaval at Mazatlan

– Fun in Mazatlan’, finally back to Baja:  Mazatlan to La Paz

– Even more Horticultural Thoughts: Some More Horticultural Thoughts

– And La Paz and the Islands were great fun: LaPazAndNorth

– But finally we had to head home for the Hurricane Season: La Paz to Cabo San Lucas to San Diego

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