The Original J/Boats Writeup – JBoats writeup

Original J40 Layout – Int_Layout

J40 Sailplan – sailplan

J40 (& J42) Keels – J40 & J42 Keels

J40 Rigging Spec Sheet – J40RigSpecs

J40 Polars, for optimal sailing angles – polars

J40 Order Form, 1992 – courtesy of NorthPoint Yacht Sales – J40_OrderForm

J40 Owners Manual, from J/Boats (big) – j40_manual

J40 Volvo Engine Manual – volvo_penta_2003_owner

J40 Volvo 2002/2003 Operators Manual: volvo_penta_2002_oper

J40 Volvo Engine Parts Manual: Volvo 2003 parts

J40 Volvo Engine Shop Manual – volvo_penta_2003_worksh

  1. #1 by Wes Oliver #67 Covenant on March 28, 2016 - 4:46 pm

    Anyone have experience with a flexible coupling on the drive train? J-40 manual says there is one in the system. Never seen one on my boat. Also, manual says there is a cutlass bearing on the engine end of the drive shaft, looks like inboard of the shaft log. Anyone have any knowledge as to whether that bearing is really there?

    Another item with sea cocks- my boat has RC sea cocks (Forespar bought RC (NZL) in late ’80’s) I am capping off a no longer used 1 1/2″ sea cock. Heavy use of 5200 on tailpiece threads is making removal of the tailpiece difficult. However, unlike new Forespar Marelon sea cocks, the body of the sea cock is in 2 pieces and the upper piece with the ball valve unscrewed easily. NO 5200 OR OTHER SEALANT. BEWARE. The hose connected to the tailpiece of the sea cock is what secures the sea cock in place!

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