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 A diverse set of boats available around the country.  Something for everyone.  Well-maintained J40’s are a great value, and this site shows you how – there’s no reason to settle for a lesser boat or pay too much for something else…

1986 Your Mom (#3)    Waikiki, HI           (SOLD 12/2017)  Listed with Honolulu Yacht Brokerage

1986 Lark (#4)              Annapolis, MD     (SOLD 11/2018)   Listed with  North Point Yacht Sales

1986 Atlantis (#9)             S. Maine     (SOLD 11/2018) list by Atlantis, Hill & Lowden

1986 China Cloud (#15)   Alameda, CA        (SOLD 9/2017),   Listed by Sail California)

1987 Cowbouy  (#35)  Rhode Island      (SOLD 9/2018)  listed by McMichael Yacht Brokers, Mamaroneck

1987 Heron   (#23)   Vancouver, BC           (SOLD 5/2017)  Listed with Fraser Yacht Sales

1988 Act3 (#44)     N. Kingston, RI              (SOLD 5/2017)  Listed with Hill & Lowden

1988 Chinook (#45)         Northern Neck, VA             ( SOLD 5/2016  – private sale)

1988 Ragtime  (#49)       Charleston, SC     (SOLD 6/2017) 1988, New Bern, NC  – Neptune Yacht Sales

1988/89 Secret Smile (#59)  Seattle, WA

1988 Mary D III  (#61)       Annapolis, MD   (SOLD 11/2018)   – Listed with North Point Yacht Sales

1990 Hot Flash  (#69)  Santa Barbara, CA   Hot Flash

1990 Aja  (#71)               Anacortes, WA   Aja- 71   listed with Marine ServiceCenter

1990 For Pete’s Sake  (#77)  Falmouth, ME  For Pete’s Sake

1990 Artemesia (#79)    Tiverton, RI     Artemesia         listed by Pirate Cove Yacht Sales

1992 Kaholo  (#83)             Redondo Beach, CA    (SOLD 8/2017)   Denison Yacht Sales


Want your J40 Listing here?  Just need the Hull # and I’ll put up your link.  No charge.

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